Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday 5

Today is the last Friday before Chirstmas! Does anyone else have a hard time believeing that? I feel lke Thanksgiving was just last week. It's crazy how quickly the last few weeks have flown by, but they always seem to this time of year.

One - We went to see Santa last night, and it went much better than expected. Brooke almost didn't make it to Santa's lap, but after a pep talk the tears subsided and she decided it was worth it. Last year there were tears and screaming, so I consider her look of annoyance a win.

Two - Did anyone else watch The Red Tent? I absloutely love this book. The first time I read it, I couldn't put it down. I definitely finished it in only two evenings. I was sceptical when I saw they were making it into a mini series, because movies are never as good as the book. I have been surprisingly happy with it. I am not quite finished yet, and still have an hour to go, but so far I enjoy it. I think the casting is spot on, and haven't found myself rolling my eyes or complaining too much while watching it. I do want to read the book again now, because it's been a good 10 years since the last time I read it.

Three - Today is Jules one year adoption anniversary! I am so glad we decided to adopt a young dog instead of getting a puppy. While the crazy girl drives me nuts on a regular basis, I love her. And so do the kids, and on occasion even Rob. Tyson is especially fond of her. He definitely needed a friend to replace Layla, and JuJu has been perfect for that. Happy 1 year anniversary, Jules!

Four - The kids are are are going to be baking a boat load of cookies this weekend. I tried out this recipe for a friend's baby shower a few years ago, and they were fabulous. So buttery and delicious. I remember cursing the dough at the time, but I'm going to give them another go. I'm thinking sugar cookies, peppermint blossoms, maybe some cornflake wreaths, and an oreo truufle ball or two.

Five - How amazing is this shirt? We love Ry & Rue kids, and jumped on this shirt as soon as it became availble. Most of their sizes have sold out, but they still have a few left. Brooke and Harrison are both getting one, and I can't wait for them to wear them. They are going to freak when they see these shirts. Mickey and Minnie are their besties.

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  1. Your little ones are adorable..Found you on the Link up!! Those cookies look delish I am going to try it for my cookie exchange!!! Happy Friday
    Chelsea @