Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Thoughts

We've had a pretty big week over here. The big kids were back to swim class this week. Brooke is now riding a bike without training wheels. Scarlett decided to start walking. The weather has been great so we've been spending all our afternoons outside. Rob and I even managed to squeeze in a date night on Wednesday. We are all feeling really good heading into this weekend.

Last year the kids did dance, gymnastics, swimming, and soccer. They were both so excited for all of their classes, and then when it came time for classes to begin Harrison would complain and refuse to participate. We decided to give them some time away from extracurricular activities.

With pool and lake season fast approaching, we decided it was time to jump back into swim lessons. There was only mild complaining from Harrison, and Brooke was excited for class. They both did a great job participating, and the only child I had sitting on the sidelines with me was Clark, who refused to play in child watch.

It never fails that each week we have a couple bananas that have made it past their prime. I like mine almost under ripe and the kids won't eat them if they're over ripe. I often times make banana bread or toss them in the freezer to use for smoothies. My newest breakfast obsession is using those over ripe bananas for banana waffles. I pinned this recipe for banana waffles from scratch and modified it to use with a box mix. I switch out oil for butter, add in vanilla, nutmeg, and bananas, and use slightly less milk than the Bisquick recipe calls for. They are so good! Definitely my new favorite way to use up our bananas.

I have been doing really good about not purchasing clothes for the babies and sticking to H and B's hand me downs. Sometimes exceptions need to be made. These striped onesies and tank onesies are so adorable and inexpensive. There's a good possibility they will be purchased. These bodysuits are pretty cute too. I love the lace detail.

I grabbed a bottle of Bean Blossom peach cider while at the store last week. It was really good and definitely something I'll be drinking this summer. I didn't realize it at the time, but it's made by Oliver Winery here in Indiana. Local cider, even better!

I went on an outing to look at light fixtures this week. I'm in the planning stages for our powder room and our dining room just needs a new chandelier and then it's complete. I'm trying to focus on those two projects but almost all of the lighting in our house needs replaced, including basic lights like ceiling fans and halls lighting. We went to two different lighting stores and and now I just feel even more confused, except for when it comes to our dining room. I've been obsessing over this style of chandelier for months. After seeing it in person, there's no way I can pick something else. I'm undecided on if the discount we would get for doing our whole house at once is worth it in order to save my sanity. For the time being one light down, only about seventeen more to go.

Today is new music Friday, what I call the last Friday of the month. John Mayer is releasing 4 songs from his upcoming album, The Search For Everything, today. I didn't think I would like the scattered release of the album, but it gives me new songs to look forward to each month and I'm kind of loving it. The first 4 songs are really good, and I have high hopes for this next wave. I'm sure I'll be listening to them on repeat all weekend. Only a month and a half until we get to see him in concert!

We're back to winter after a little taste of spring, so there's a good possibility our weekend will involve at least one day where were stay in our pjs and don't leave the house. I hope you all heave a great weekend!

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