Saturday, February 4, 2017

School Valentines

Preschool is pretty awesome. Preschool parties especially. Brooke and Harrison's class will be attending a wedding for Ms. Q and Mr. U on Valentine's Day. How cute is that? Parents can attend the ceremony, which I totally plan to do, and then the kids get to have a reception complete with donuts and exchanging their valentines. I wish every day could be like a preschool party.

I told H and B that they could help choose their valentines for their friends. We went to Target yesterday and Harrison immediately picked up a bird decoration out of the holiday shop and declared he wanted to get one of those for each of his friends. Sorry bud, we are not buying 13 birds to hand out to your preschool friends. After some discussion they decided on gummy treats. Bears for Brooke to give out, and worms for Harry. We still need to decide on which printables they want, but at least we have the treats. Maybe this for the bears and this for the worms? We haven't given any though to teacher gifts either, so we I better get on that.

We did printables last year too, and they were so easy and I think super cute. I printed all of them on inexpensive card stock. Between cutting paper, filling bags, and tying on tags, it took maybe an hour to do them all. They brought home some really awesome homemade valentines which were super cool, but ain't nobody got time for that. I am all for minimum effort and maximum impact. Yep, mediocrity at it's finest. ;)

Do your kids get to exchange valentines at school? Boxed cards, printable valentines, 100% homemade? 

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  1. Yes the boys get to exchange valentines! It's so fun to see what they come home with! The only hard part is our school has a no-food policy so there goes all the cute candy ones for us! We're going with construction trucks this year :)