Friday, February 17, 2017


This week was a really good week, but I'm still so glad the weekend is here. We're supposed to have fabulous weather, 60s in February, and we're taking the big kids to see Lego Batman on Sunday. Harrison has been talking about this movie for the last 3 months. I just hope the movie lives up to his excitement. I see lots of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and bike riding in our near future.

ONE - Brooke is getting her first hair cut this afternoon, and I'm kind of freaking out about it. She has the best natural curls and I'm so worried they'll be gone forever once she gets her first trim. Nevertheless, she needs it because her hair is a hot tangled mess all the time. If her hair comes out as straight as mine, you'll be able to find me crying into my Chipotle while drinking a pear cider. Yes I'm overreacting, but I will be slightly devastated if her hair looses its natural curl. Maybe it's because after over a year of no hair followed by the mullet that wouldn't quit, the curls were such a welcome surprise.

TWO - H and B have made the move from the toddler section to the boy girl section. Overall I'm slightly disappointed in the "big kid" section. The fit and styles aren't nearly as cute as they are for younger kids. I did find a few things to order last week when Gap was having their kid and baby sale. I love this striped handkerchief dress and it's even cuter on. I like it well enough that I may order it in another print. Maybe the watermelons? Bonus, it's still on sale.

THREE - After almost 4 years of on and off blogging, I decided it was time to start a Facebook page for this little blog of mine. Now you can follow us on FB at Our Little Miracles Blog. I'll be updating the page with new posts as well as extra content that relates to this blog.

FOUR - Ok fellow TWD fans, what did you think about this week's episode? I always have mixed emotions each week. Some of the things the show does have become so inconsistent and far fetched. I know, it's a show about zombies. It's not exactly based in reality.

Each week I look forward to Funny or Die's "Most Ridiculous Things" column. Dashiell Driscoll is a fan of the show and writes a column of the most ridiculous things to happen on The Walking Dead episode of that week. Things like King Ezekiel's tiger, Glen and the dumpster(too soon?), and everything Carl. He has dry humor and is really good at sarcasm. I've been know to stalk Funny or Die's page waiting for it to post on Monday afternoon.

FIVE - I am in love with these booties. I own nothing like them, have no idea what I'd wear them with, they aren't at all my style, but I NEED them.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Those curls are adorable!!! I loathe most of the "big kid sections" at stores....I dislike all the sayings on shirts and the super bright colors on everything! I also wish they'd just let me dress them forever in coordinating outfits <3