Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Scarlett and Clark - 13 Months

13 months! A lot has changed for these two since I did their last monthly update. We have babies who are starting to talk and walk. The night before they turned one, Brooke told me they were going to wake up in the morning and be able to talk. Ha! No surprise they aren't talking that much, but we are starting to get some definite words. They both still crawl everywhere, but we are getting unassisted steps and more cruising around the house. I remember being so ready for H and B to walk, and while I'm excited for them to walk instead of crawl, I'm also in no hurry to push them to do it. Hopefully they'll be steady on their feet by zoo season, but that's still a few months away.

One of the biggest changes have come in the sleep department, both at nap time and overnight. We have been transitioning to 1 nap since we got back from vacation. There are still a lot of two nap days, but we are starting to see more 1 nap days. Which means free mornings. Happy dance! Play dates and errands just became a whole lot easier. We still need to work on extending their nap to 2+ hours before we completely get rid of 2 nap days.

We have been trying to limit Scarlett's night wakings. Some nights she sleeps until 3am or later. Other nights she wakes up closer to 10:30 or 11. I have stopped nursing her every time she wakes. If she wakes up after a few ours of sleep, she gets a quick snuggle and is laid back down. She gets pretty upset when she doesn't get milk, but she settles down quickly and goes right back to sleep. Clark still only wakes up when his sister wakes him. Occasionally he has an off night, but overall he's a champion sleeper.

A good majority of our playtime has moved into the basement. I'm not quite ready to get rid of the toys in the living room yet, but that's not far off. Lots of time is spent in the bounce house, playing with their kitchen, and destroying whatever Harrison and Brooke are playing with. 


  • is taking steps! He took his first steps the day before they turned 13 months. He's up to 5 or 6 steps before crashing into me.
  • is pretty quiet, but does say mom and dad. Or maybe milk and dog. Who knows for sure? 
  • his favorite food is cheese. He also loves yogurt, scrambled eggs, turkey, and all berries.
  • has perfected his backward crawling down the stairs. He much prefers to go up though.
  • loves giving hugs and snuggling
  • wears size 18 months and 12-18 months
  • is back to being heavier than his sister. He weighs in at 24lbs13oz
  • is 31 1/4" tall
  • has an obsession with nightlights. Mainly pulling them out of the socket. Time for more Snap Power covers.
  • doesn't like walking with our toy walkers, but loves to walk while pushing one of our kitchen stools
  • is a very happy baby, but is always straight faced when we're out in public. People always ask is he's tired, but nope, that's just his out in public face


  • says hi, dog, and dad. Is working on consistently saying water, bath, and down.
  • loves to have screaming matches or click her tongue back and forth with you.
  • is starting to stand on her own.
  • is a cruising fool
  • favorite foods include yogurt, blackberries, freeze dried edemame, and scrambled eggs
  • likes to sit with Tyson and play with his food while he eats. If I don't watch closely, she will eat his kibble. Yuck!
  • climbs up and down stairs 
  • hates wearing headbands
  • almost has enough hair for a clip
  • weighs 23lbs 4oz
  • is 30 1/2"tall
  • wears 18 month and 12-18 month clothes
  • loves to eat crayons anytime she gets the chance
  • thinks feeding other people her food is hilarious
  • hates being told no

These two are such a bundle of fun. Their personalities are really coming out. They love playing together and "talking" to each other. Sometimes their talk is just them laughing back and forth, and other times they chatter back and forth. H and B never really did the twin talk thing, so I'm looking forward to seeing how their communication progresses. They are becoming more independent each day. They had their one year check up today and got a clean bill of health. We are so lucky to have two happy healthy babies, and we love getting to see them make the transition into toddlerhood. 

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