Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Scarlett and Clark -14 Months

14 months old, and these two don't ever stop. They are walking, crawling, cruising, climbing, sometimes faster than we can keep up with them. The weather has been glorious the last few weeks, so we have been spending as much time outside as we can. Trips to the playground in our neighborhood or visits to "kid's gym" at The Y show just how mobile these two are. They are up, down, and all over the place. They are constantly climbing and finding new ways to get where they want to go. They are both walking more and more each day, but crawling and cruising are still their preferred methods to get from point A to point B.

They are now consistently to one nap per day. Their schedule most days looks like this:

-7:00am wake up
-8:00am breakfast
      playtime or errands
-10:00am snack
      playtime or errands
-11:30am lunch
-12:00pm fall asleep while nursing
-2:00pm wake up
-2:30pm snack
      playtime or errands
-5:30pm dinner
-6:00pm bath time
-6:30pm nursing and stories
-7:00pm bed time

They still consistently have one nursing session per night. I try to limit it to only one, but Scarlett still thinks she should get more. She wakes up crying multiple times per night, but usually puts herself back to sleep within a few minutes. If she wakes up Clark, then we will get both of them out of bed for milk. If Scarlett doesn't wake him, Clark will sleep until 7am and have a morning nursing session before we start the day. We aim for 12pm naps and 7pm bedtime, but often times they can't hang that long and naps happen at 11am and bedtime gets bumped up to 6pm. Regardless of what time they go to bed, they are consistently up for the day at 7am.

I love that they are down to one nap per day. I usually try to get us out of the house in the morning to either go grocery shopping or have playtime outside of the house. Making it until 12pm naps is much easier when we aren't sitting at home. As long as I bring snacks and sippy cups full of water, they are happy do go anywhere. Some days getting everyone dressed and ready to go somewhere is just too much, and on those days we lounge in our pjs all morning long.

Their playtime right after they wake up is always in the living room. That way I can watch them while I caffeinate and get breakfast ready for everyone. They have quite a few favorite toys, I plan to write a post on their favorites soon, that reside in our living room still, so they're happy to play on the main floor. After breakfast though they want to be wherever Brooke and Harrison are, so we usually move into the basement. Climbing on the train table, eating crayons, and riding their roller coaster 1058 times in a row are current favorites in addition to the bounce house.

  • favorite book is Some Bugs. We have two copies of it and his face lights up every time we read it.
  • is still saying Mom and Dad consistently, but nothing else
  • loves to use our ottoman side table to climb up onto the couch
  • is constantly getting into the pots and pans cabinet and throwing lids on the floor
  • loves to be thrown in the air, but hates to swing
  • likes to come and "help" me do laundry
  • waves "all done" but only does it with one hand
  • refuses to take longer than a 2 hour nap. It doesn't matter what times he lays down or how full his belly is. 2 hours is his max
  • has figured out how to turn around and stand up while buckled into the front of a shopping cart


  • likes to chew on books, but looses her damn mind if I try to read them to her
  • started walking this month and is already walking across a room before she drops down to her knees to crawl again
  • says dad, dog, done, Jules, Tyson, hi, bath
  • is constantly getting into whatever drawer or cabinet she can. Playing with feminine products she finds in our bathroom is a current favorite.
  • wakes up with a dirty diaper every morning. She also usually poops herself awake during nap time
  • is crazy about not just our dogs, but every dog. When we walk down our street, she starts waving and squealing when she sees our neighbor dog that is always outside
  • has the best laugh. Its one part belly laugh, two parts evil cackle
  • is a biter. Poor Clarkie has red bite marks all over his arms
  • loves to high five and has started high fiving heads and faces. Yes, that means she is constantly hitting everyone
  • will crawl into the pantry and grab food whenever she's ready for a snack
  • is obsessed with my iced coffee. I have to hide it from her otherwise she'll cry because I don't share. The same thing goes for crayons. We have to hide them otherwise she'll cry because I won't let her eat them.

We introduced the wagon to them his month, and they definitely prefer it over the stroller. We leave their mocs by the door, and they are always picking them up and waiting for us to put them on and go outside. The love to stare out the front storm door when Harrison and Brooke are playing outside. I think it's safe to say they like being outdoors. This spring and summer are going to be so much fun with them. I am so looking forward to seeing them experience all that warm weather has to offer. It will all be like new to them again this year, and I can't wait to watch them enjoy it.

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