Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Powder Room Makeover Inspiration

A few weeks ago I shared my list of home improvement projects I want to get done this year. First up is our downstairs powder room. It's a small room, but it needs a lot of TLC. We aren't changing the floors, the cabinets, or the toilet, and we don't plan to rewire or replumb anything. Basically all cosmetic. The cabinets, trim, and door are all oak and will all be painted. That is probably the most time consuming part of the project. I love how our dinning room looks after painting the trim white, but it was a bitch. So many coats of paint!

So we are giving our little bathroom a face lift, and I would like to keep the cost under $1000.00, which it tough considering the faucet I like is $390. I may be rethinking that purchase. I will also be making the mirror frame and shelves myself, or finding less expensive options. With such a long to do list, I have to cut costs where I can.

The wall color I chose, BM Angelica, is one I tested for our kitchen, and it was way too mauve, not enough grey. Even though it didn't work for the kitchen, I love the color and decided I wanted to use it in the bathroom. The trim color is the same white as we are using throughout the rest of the house, BM white. I am not yet 100% sold on the cabinet color, but according to Benjamin Moore's website, BM silent night will complement the other color choices.

When it came to the overall design, I wanted light with rustic touches and straight lines. White quartz counter top, brushed nickel finishes and accessories, dark natural wood mirror and floating shelves. I need to see the vanity top in person to make sure it is as white as it appears online, and once that's confirmed, it will be time to start painting. I am hoping I can get this done in a week from start to finish, but two weeks is probably more realistic. Also, if you have any fabulous tips on painting oak trim white, I'm all ears. 


floating shelf
soap dispenser
wire basket
vanity top
light fixture
trim color
wall color
cabinet color

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