Friday, March 24, 2017

Hello, Friday!

It's Friday, yay!, and spring decided to show up for the weekend. As I type this, all of my kids are napping, I'm drinking an iced coffee, and the windows are open. The weekend is off to a good start. Now for some Friday randomness.

Everyone loves the movie Office Space, right? I liked the movie long before I worked an office job, but once I worked in an office setting it took on a whole  new meaning. There was a guy in our office who we referred to as Lumbergh, and I had visions of going to town on many office machines with a baseball bat. Mainly the mail machine. It was the bane of my existence.

I came across this photo shoot and couldn't love it more. I feel these moms frustrations. I'm so glad to be past the point of needing to pump. Put on some gangsta rap, give me a baseball bat, and I'm ready to let loose on my pump.

A friend shared this link on Facebook and it really got me to thinking. I've never really thought about emergency situations like this, but this article made me think. I know the likeliness of us ever being in a situation where the van goes into a body of water are slim to none. Getting all 4 kids safely out of the van is an even slimmer posibility, but we now have a plan of action in case we ever have an accident and find ourselves trapped. I ordered two SafeTHammers. One to keep in the van, and the other to put in my apocalypse survival kit. ;)

I know we are still months away from switch up the kids' sleeping arrangements, but I can't stop thinking about decorating a little girl's room. We purchased this swan ballerina a few weeks ago at Target. On another Target trip I saw these stuffed ballerinas and immediately ordered two of them online. (Yes I order things from while shopping in the store) Then the Pottery Barn Kids ad showed up in the mail, and I fell in love with the Emily & Meritt Collection. Specifically this tulle bed skirt. I think it's safe to say the girls are going to be having a ballet inspired room.

At the beginning of the school year, we had every intention of sending Harrison and Brooke to kindergarten this year. We would still like them to start this year, but now we are weighing the possibility of waiting one more year. I started kindergarten the month I turned 5, and I never felt like I was behind. I'm glad I was one of the youngest in my class and not one of the oldest. Lately though I've been seeing research that indicates it's better to wait until the calendar year that your child turns 6 as opposed to 5, and that has me thinking. After parent teacher conferences I am still on the fence about which option is best, so the plan right now is to register them for both and wait to see what happens over the next few months. If you have experience with waiting or not waiting, I'd love to hear your input. I know they'll be ok with whichever route we choose, I just want to set them up for success as much as possible.

We have an exciting weekend planned, but first it's off to work for a few hours this afternoon. I really wish I could stay at home with the kids and enjoy the sun, but business calls, and thankfully business involves spending a few hours with a ton of dogs. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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