Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Thoughts

Happy National Stripe Day! Yes, it's a real thing . It's no secret that I love stripes, and if you pay any attention to how I dress my kids, you've probably been able to decipher that fact. I decided to take advantage of this new holiday and declare it  reason for a mini photo shoot with all the kids. Brooke was of course ecstatic. Any reason to strike a pose.

Brooke has been practicing bike riding without training wheels for a few weeks now. This week she is officially training wheel free. She finally feels comfortable enough to go without training wheels all of the time, so she asked at the beginning of the week if we could take them off. It's been nonstop bicycle races up and down our street ever since. We live on a cul de sac and there are at least 10 elementary school aged kids on our street(H and B are the youngest), so there is always someone for them to ride bikes with.

Next weekend is my business's annual charity event. We put on a doggie Easter egg hunt each year for our local shelter. This year will be our Ninth Annual Easter Bone Hunt. Somehow every year the date sneaks up on me and I spend the two weeks before scrambling to get ready. Running multiple errands with 4 kids in tow is infinitely more difficult than when it was only 2. What I assumed would take 2 hours this morning wound up taking 3.5 hours. Bad planning on my part or does it really just take that much longer when you're trying to keep four children alive and happy while bouncing from store to store? I'm not sure, but I definitely practiced a lot of deep breathing exercise while out and about today.

One plus from our morning excursion is that I discovered carrot cake Hershey's Kisses. Do yourself a favor and grab a bag, now. Or grab 3, or more, no judging, and stock up. They are so good! They almost make me forget about how Hershey got rid of the raspberry kisses I loved so dearly. Almost.

On Monday Harrison told me he had a loose tooth. I looked at it, and it was really loose and the new tooth was already through his gums. What? How is he getting adult teeth already? He didn't want to do anything to help it come out, so we just waited. 

At 5am Thursday morning I was laying in bed, half asleep while nursing Clark, and in bounds Harrison telling me his tooth came out. Sure enough, he puts it in my hand and I send him back to bed. So there I lay, feeding a baby and holding a dead tooth in my hand. Not how I pictured my 5am, but motherhood happens. Thankfully I didn't drop the tooth and got it to safety. We made it to bedtime, wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy, and placed the note and tooth in a baggie under his pillow. I decorated a $5 bill with glitter markers and traded the cash for his tooth before I went to bed.

In the morning I was expecting him to come running out of his room super excited for his fairy money. Nope. He quietly came downstairs and said "She took it." I asked him if she left anything for him and he said no. Brooke went up to help him look, but still nothing. At this point he was really disappointed because he "missed his tooth." I go up to help him look, and sure enough there's nothing under his pillow or in his bed anywhere. He managed to knock it off his bed in the middle of the night. Thankfully we found it, but he was less than excited about his first Tooth Fairy experience. Maybe once his new tooth is in more he'll stop missing his old one. Brooke was excited enough for both of them, and now she can't wait to loose her first tooth.

Spring break kicked off today which means no school for the big kids next week. We can either stay in our pjs all week, or I need to come up with some fun stuff for us to do so we don't go stir crazy. I'm honestly not sure which one sounds better at this point. I know I said this in S and C's monthly update, but I really wish they didn't run for the street as soon as we step out the front door. Playing with bubbles or sidewalk chalk while the big kids ride their bikes sounds like a perfect way to spend our afternoons. Maybe next week will be the week they start listening.

That's all for this dose of Friday randomness. My weekend is sure to include work, more home projects, and the TWD finale. I'm making pretzel dogs and am already drooling with anticipation. I hope you all have a great weekend, and an awesome spring break if yours happens to fall this week too.

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  1. Loved this post!

    Super excited for the TWD finale. Any predictions on what will happen?