Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

I have been spending almost all of my baby free time working on home updates. Right now our front entry and stair well are getting a face lift. I managed to get the stair railing and trim work all painted out last week, so I took a break to enjoy the weekend with the kids. 

Friday morning we all ate our Lucky Charms and put on our green clothes. all hand me downs or last year's St. Paddy's outfits, and then we were out the door to run errands. Target and work were on the agenda, and amazingly we made it out of Target with only what we went in for, shoes. The babies have only worn their moccasins before this weekend. Now that we have two big time walkers and lots of park trips in our near future, we needed to get them some real shoes. Scareltt and Clark aren't quite sure how they feel about "real shoes."

The rest of Friday was pretty quiet. Long naps, lots of playtime in the basement, everyone in bed by 8. :) Saturday morning we were out the door first thing and headed to the library for a donut and play date. We were there when they opened, so the kids got a chance to run free before the morning crowd showed up. We haven't been to the library for a couple months, so this experience was completely new for the babies. So many things to check out that they couldn't access before due to their limited mobility. We all had a great time.


After naps for all 4 kids, we headed to my parents house for our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner, followed by creme de menthe cake. It was Scarlett and Clark's first time having the meal, and they had mixed reviews. they loved the carrots. Clark liked the corned beef and cabbage, and Scarlett liked the cake. Clark refused the cake, so Scarlett got seconds. Mostly though, they ate carrots. All the carrots. 

Rob was off early on Saturday night and he took the kids to the monster truck show. The babies and I stayed at home, which meant that I had almost 3 hours of time to myself after the babies were in bed. It was a seriously quiet night, until 10:30 when Harrison and Brooke busted in the door and started telling me all about the monster trucks and motorcycles they saw.

Sunday was spent at home, but we had quite a few visitors. Rob's brother and his two boys came over for the afternoon. Then we had our weekly TWD dinner with friends. We also managed to squeeze in a brief visit to our neighborhood playground, where S and C practiced walking in their new shoes and balancing on pea gravel. It's more challenging than you might think. ;)

Overall it was a great weekend, and definitely ended winter on a good note. We've been spending so much time at home lately. Harrison and Brooke will often choose to stay home if given the option. I'm ready for some spring weather to entice them to want to leave the house more. It would probably also help if I stopped starting a new home project each week. After this one I vow to take a break for a couple weeks. For now though, it's time for a second coat of primer.

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  1. B & H are just like Abigail. Total homebodies. Mabel's all, I want to go outside! And Abigail is like....nah. Definitely requires persuading.

    Looks like a great weekend! We've been waiting for March to roll around to start our latest round of house projects, so I think we're about to get started on a bunch of those! Yay!