Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scarlett and Clark - 15 Months

15 months has finally brought us sleep, glorious sleep. As in sleeping through the night, or at least until 6 am before waking for a morning snack. It's been so great to have both babies consistently sleeping through until morning. My body still hasn't quite adjusted to the not waking situation, but I'm getting there. With the time change this month, their entire schedule got pushed back an hour. I love DST because it means my kids go to bed later and wake up later. We don't have to be anywhere most mornings though. Ask me next year when Harrison and Brooke are in school full time and I may be singing a different tune.

Both Scarlett and Clark are walking EVERYWHERE. Last month they were still crawling most of the time, but that is no longer the case. They are practically running around the house. It's so funny to see them chasing after each other or the dogs. We tell them their "so big" when they are walking around, and they think it's hilarious.

They love spending time outside and get upset when it's too cold for them to play outside. I honestly don't mind spending some days inside, because chasing the two of them all over the front yard is a lot of work. I'm excited for them to have their first zoo trip in April, but I'm hoping they're willing to hold a hand and listen a little better by then. Right now they want to do what they want and do it on their own. Holding hands with mom while walking is a big no no in their book.

Favorite foods right now include yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, hummus, sausage, avocado, freeze dried fruits and veggies, carrots, and Garden Lites muffins. They are still nursing, but also drink whole milk in a sippy cup at least once a day. We are startling to let them use utensils. The get a fork or spoon with most meals, and we'll give them a preloaded spoon with hummus or cottage cheese. They are pretty good about getting it into their mouths and not all over the floor.

They are slowly moving away from their bedtime nursing session. Some days they only nurse for 30 seconds at bedtime before they're ready to move on to stories. They are still very much into their early am and nap time nursing sessions. We are planning to nurse until about 18  months, but I wouldn't be disappointed if they stopped sooner. They are very distracted and sometimes toothy while nursing. They play a "game" where they both shake their heads while latched on and then giggle uncontrollably. It's really cute, but super annoying and sometimes painful. Things like this have created my indifference as to whether we continue or not.

I love this age and the months to come. Looking back on H and B's younger days the months where they were learning to talk are some of my favorite. Right now of course we are still in the "I know what I want to say but can't actually say it," phase. Which means we have days like today when I can't do anything without someone getting upset about something, which I have no idea what they're upset about and why they're crying, but I definitely know they're mad because they're screaming at me while I try to refill their sippy cup. It's ok though, because I know in a few short months they won't ever stop talking.


  • is holding strong at 8 teeth
  • has chubby wide feet just like his big brother had. He is already wearing a size 6
  • is already transitioning into 18-24 and 24 month clothes
  • loves to be read to and gets a huge smile on his face when you read his favorite parts
  • loves bubbles
  • has figured out how to open the toilet lids. yuck!


  • has the smallest feet of any of my kids at this age. She's rocking size 4s
  • likes to play in the trash. We now have to keep it locked all the time
  • points at things and says "this" all day long
  • is quickly outgrowing 18 month clothes
  • is starting to imitate things she sees us do. She's been painting the walls a lot and if she has a paper towel she will go around wiping up invisible messes on the floor
  • is finally enjoying reading books instead of eating them
  • still like to eat crayons, but is also starting to try coloring on paper

This month was a good one, and I know the next one will be even better. Easter and the first zoo trip of the year will be highlights for sure. There are so many exciting things in their near future, and I wish they understood that. Their big brother and sister are excited enough for both of them. 

Happy 15 months babies! Maybe it's time to start calling you toddlers? I am not sure that I can bring myself to do that quite yet, so you're still babies for now. 

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