Monday, March 13, 2017

Scarlett and Clark's Nursery

I was 33 weeks pregnant with Scarlett and Clark when we moved into our house. Our to do list was and still is rather large, and I've been slowly checking things off one project at a time. The one thing I knew we weren't willing to wait on was painting the nursery. Even though the babies weren't going to be sleeping in their room for a few months, I wasn't willing to let their room go unchanged. The picture below was taken on the day of our inspection. Possibly the worst brown color ever. So the first weekend we were in the house, my bestie and her hubby helped me paint Scarlett and Clark's room a much prettier, subtle green.

After that, the room sat mostly unchanged for a couple months while we were in the haze of life with two newborns. I slowly pieced together items we planned to use for their room, and when they were almost 5 months old and ready to move to their own beds, I finally put it all together. Then it only took me another 11 months to get around to photographing and sharing it.

My favorite piece in the whole room is the flower garland that hangs over Scarlett's bed. I got it before I knew if we were going to be having boys, girls, or one of each. It was purchased as part of an auction to benefit a wonderful little boy who was battling a pediatric brain tumor. He has since left this world for a better place, but his story and witnessing his journey has made me a better parent and person. Each time I look at the garland I smile and am reminded of this boy and his amazing parents.

The penguin and bookshelf were both recent additions to their room. Santa brought them the rocking penguin and my most recent trip to Ikea resulted in an unplanned bookshelf purchase. The truth is we needed it though because Harrison and Brooke's bookshelves had run out of places for books.


Right now the plan is for Scarlett and Clark to share a room until they move out of their cribs. Brooke and Harrison are so excited to each share a room with their baby brother and sister that we may end up moving them sooner, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to finally decorate a girls' room and a boys' room. That is many months off in the future though. For now I love this sweet little space for our babies to share.

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