Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Birthday Party

Party weekend started at 9am Saturday morning when my future sister in law woke up and got a big smack on the tush from yours truly. We spent the day getting things ready and hanging out with the kids.

That evening we hosted game night for a group of our friends as a sort of going away party for my brother and his partner.  We played Cards Against Humanity and drank too much beer. I set a 12am bedtime for myself so I wouldn't have a repeat of last weekend.  A hangover at your kids' birthday party? Not so much.

The next morning I cleaned up empty beer bottles and pizza boxes, always a sign of a fun time the night before, and tried finishing up the last few things that needed done for the birthday party.  No matter how much time I give myself, I always seem to be rushing around to get things done before guests arrive.

I absolutely loved how their party turned out! It was a little too much excitement for them, but once they got adjusted to it, they did ok.  They were a bit lot overstimulated. 

The milk and cookies table.  We served 6 different cookies, 4 types of milk, and Oreo cheesecake bites.  We also had Jimmy John's platters for those people who didn't want to eat just cookies.

I decorated their smash cakes to look like chocolate chip cookies.

We have an eat in kitchen, not exactly enough space to seat 30 people.  We set up shop in the garage and used banquet table rolls to create a back drop so people weren't staring at rubbermaid tubs filled with baby stuff all afternoon.

I am seen here modeling a milk mustache.  We also had chocolate milk mustaches.

Boo loved the balloons.  I'm pretty sure they were her favorite part of the party.

The party hats were an epic fail.  They ripped them off right away. They looked super cute for the three seconds they were on their heads.

Their shirts tuned out really well, and I LOVE Brooke's tutu.  I'm not sure what she'll need to wear it for, but I will find another reason for her to wear it.

They weren't nearly as into their cakes as I had hoped.  No one went face first into it.  Brooke had a couple excited bursts of energy/giggles while eating cake and Harrison decided to cry a couple times.

Little man of course sat with me for gifts and Boo Boo was with her daddy.

The babies toddlers and I were completely exhausted by the end of the day.  It was so great to see our family and friends, especially those who came in from out of town. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

I had a few party attendees ask about recipes for some of the cookies I served.  I will do a follow up post about my baking adventures for their party.  One recipe I won't use again and a couple other ones needed a little tweak.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Only 3 more days till the 3 day holiday weekend! Party central at Hamilton Lake!

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