Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Love the Zoo

We went to the zoo last year with my nephew from San Francisco who is two years older than H and B.  They were only a month and a half old, so needless to say they didn't get much out of it. The most exciting part of the trip for them was nursing during the train ride.

I have been looking forward to taking them to the zoo for months. We purchased our season pass a few weeks ago and are planning to go at least once a week.

Our first visit was just the three of us. They were interested in some of the larger animals and super interested in the other kids. They were happy to snack in their stroller and take in the sites.

They were both in awe of the ostriches.

The giraffes were cool too.

The super friendly goat drew the biggest smiles.

We went again the next day so daddy could join us. They got to get out of the stroller which they were definitely excited about.

Both the leopard and tigers were very active.  Brooke called the leopard a dog.  They didn't much care about the big "dogs." Daddy and I enjoyed the big cats even if they didn't.

The petting zoo was an even bigger hit when they were actually able to get out to the stroller.

Of course we fed the giraffes too.

On a completely unrelated subject, I discovered a great water pitcher at Target similar to the one in the link, and I'm in love.  Now I have delicious spa water every time I open the fridge.

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