Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend in Chicago

We packed up and hit the road Friday morning just in time for the babies' morning nap.  They fell asleep right away but only slept for 30 minutes. That left us with three and a half hours of drive time.  Thankfully there were no meltdowns.  As long as they were being entertained 100% of the time, they were happy. We made it to Evanston just in time for naps, which thankfully they didn't fight.

On Friday night Michelle and I wen't out for an evening with her bridal party.  We went to a really awesome bar called The Violet Hour. If was great to have some cocktails and get to know the other ladies who will be in the wedding.
We froze our butts off waiting for the train to get into the city.

After the swanky bar it was time for something more low key.  Beer and Tacos from Big Star Tacos. This was my first night out drinking since before the babies.  While I handled myself very well the night of, I had the hangover from hell the next day. It didn't help that I only got three hours of sleep before the babies were ready to get up for the day. It took me until 2pm before I was feeling normal again. There went any plans to do something that afternoon.  

We headed out to my older brothers' house in Oswego for a going away shin dig.  He and his partner are moving to Denver in a couple weeks.  After having the dogs cats at M & M's run away from her for two days, Brooke was glad to meet some cats that liked her. She of course called them dogs.  She was so happy she even shared her food with Gibson.

On Sunday the babies and I walked down to Starbucks for some breakfast and coffee while everyone else was still asleep. It was nice to be out and about before the town woke up. The few people we did see were so nice and wished me a Happy Mother's Day.

After morning naps we decided to go for a walk around Evanston before it was time to head back to Indiana.  We went down to the beach so the babies could put their feet in the sand.  It was only 50 degrees, but the sun was out so the sand was nice and warm.  After that we headed to Andy's, a frozen custard joint, where the babies had their first taste of frozen custard.  It was love at first bite.

We headed home at afternoon nap time, and again they only slept 30 minutes. Just long enough to get us out of the city.  They were much fussier on the way home, but we survived and made it home with only one stop on the way. When we got home, they went to their toy box and it was like playing with toys they'd never seen before. They were definitely happy to be home.

I think they might miss this.

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of the moms out there.  I hope your all had a wonderful day!

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  1. I love Brooke trying to make it go with her finger. So smart! So much fun to watch! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Next we'll need video of frozen custard or ice cream.