Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Eve Babies

At this time last year we were getting all checked into the hospital for our induction.  I had spent half the day crying and the other half working on getting everything ready to go. 

Today was spent working on getting things ready for their party.  Harrison had a major meltdown in the store and of course everyone had to comment that I had my hands full.  Yes, I know, now move out of my way so I can get this screaming kid out of the store.  

We got the babies an early birthday present in the form of some art work for their room.  I love these prints and think they're so perfect for boy/girl twins. 
Tomorrow morning I'm planning to make some birthday blueberry pancakes for H and B. A trip to the zoo may be in order, assuming they nap well. Pancakes and the zoo? Sounds like a pretty good birthday to me. Happy Birthday, Harrison and Brooke!


  1. Cute prints! Hope the zoo works out. :-)

    1. Thanks! I still love these prints every time I look at them.