Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road Trip

In three days we are going on our first road trip with the babies.  We've mastered the hour long trek to the lake, but a four hour drive to Chicago is a whole other ball game.  I've been reading a few blogs with travel advice so I'm hoping we're prepared.

Packing for two almost one year olds is kind of ridiculous.  My parents say that packing for an overnight with a baby is like packing if you were moving to Alaska.  Multiple that times two. It's a lot of stuff.  I am still suffering from "mommy brain" and forget everything, so lists are essential.  I usually just make a note on my phone, but a list this extensive requires a hard copy.  

That's just stuff for them.  That doesn't even touch items for Rob and I.  How can two little people need so much stuff for 3 days?

Our plan is to leave at morning nap time on Friday and drive back at bedtime on Sunday.  I'm hoping we'll only have to make one stop on the way up. Is this unrealistic? Maybe, but I'm hopeful.  The UPS guy will be dropping off activity trays and Color Wonder packs tomorrow.  I'm hoping between those, lunch time and a little Disney action we can power through.  

If anyone has any advice on road trips with babies, please share.  

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