Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday H and B

Holy moly, where does the time go? My sweet babies are 1 today.  The last year has been amazing watching them grow, hit milestones and develop personalities.  I am so fortunate that they call me mom. Happy birthday, little munchkins!

Harrison was in quite the mood today, so he required a prop during pictures.  He would not give up the tape dispenser.  

When I tried to get a few pictures without the tape dispenser, this happend. Hilarious, but not quite the picture I'm looking for.

Yeah, you can have it back. 

I made the blueberry pancakes as planned, but made banana pancakes for this morning and crafted a pancake peanut butter cake.  While they liked their breakfast cakes, they were more into their berries.  Are we sure they're my kids? Berries over carbs?

They both enjoyed watching the candle while I sang "Happy Birthday" to each of them.

We did fit in our trip to the zoo.  They were both all about feeding the giraffes again.  This time they got to feed Zara, and we let them hold the lettuce.  They were so mesmerized. 

We took a spin on the carousel for the first time today.  They both seemed to really enjoy it. I see many rides in our future. Hopefully not back to back to back rides, or mommy may get sick. 

I let them each pick out a stuffed toy in the gift shop.  Harrison picked the peacock and Brooke was all about the honey badger.  Honey badger don't care!

Now they're sleeping and I can have a Corona to celebrate the adult way, drinking while steam cleaning the carpets. 

Happy birthday my loves!

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