Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Almost Lake Season

Today was our first trip to the lake since last September.  My parents have a cottage on Hamilton Lake that they bought while my mom was pregnant with my older brother.  As we all joke, it's one step up from a tent but it's my second home and I love the little shack  I hope the babies love spending their summers there as much as I do.

If today was any indication, I think we're off to a good start.  They were very content to hang out in the octagon and play with their toys. Of course they loved being able to crawl and walk in the grass even more.  They both tried to beeline right for the water. I dipped their toes in and they both pulled them out immediately. The water was cold! In my younger days I would have went for a swim just to say I was the first one in.


My parents' dog is on restricted activity thanks to a leg injury.  H still wanted to play with her.

Tyson and Layla were in heaven.  Thanks to a not so friendly neighbor dog and Layla's I don't take no lip from anyone attitude, they have to be leashed when the neighbors are up.  Today they were able to run and play.

This high chair was our main reason for heading to the lake today.  I purchased it thinking it would be great at the lake to help save on space.  The cottage isn't big and there are often times 12+ people.  There's not a lot of room for two highchairs.  Thankfully it fit on the table just fine and I ordered a second one when we got home.  We'll be taking the portable highchairs with us when we head to Chicago too.

Things I learned on our trip to the lake today:

1. My babies, who used to love napping in the car for multiple hours, are now horrible car sleepers.  30 minute naps both there and back and they usually sleep at least an hour per nap.

2. My dogs stink. We always talk about how much they stink, but an hour in the car with them was terrible.  I considered tying them to the luggage rack.

3. Road construction takes forever! Ok, I already knew this one. But seriously, how are they not done with Union Chapel Road yet?

4. Auburn Indiana has a really cute town center.  It's been a while since I've driven down Main Street, but it's super cute. There's a Mad Anthony's, a Pizza Forum and a cute little bakery. Beer, pizza and baked goods? So my style!

5. I really like BabyGanics spray sunscreen. It goes on so much smoother than any other "natural" sunscreen I've found. This will be a permanent fixture in our diaper bag.

6. Pitbull and Christina Aguilera should be shot.  Whatever that terrible crap the radio was playing was, it made my ears bleed.  Between that and Taylor Swift, I have no faith in popular music.  I'm going to stick with Pandora.

7. Harrison really hates wearing a hat.  The one he was wearing has a velcro strap, but he still managed to take it off. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good hat that stays on?

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