Monday, April 29, 2013

Things We Love @ Ten and Eleven Months

Green Sprouts Stacking Cups - We are to the point where they love to take things apart and put them back together.  They received these cups as a Christmas gift, and they love them.  We have two different brands of stacking cups, but these ones are their my favorite. They have tiny holes in the bottom and we will take them into the bath and pour water through them.  Any toy that can transition to the bath gets bonus points in our house.

V-Tech Sit to Stand Walker - They still love and use their wooden walker daily, but we decided we needed a second one.  This one is soooo annoying, but they think it's fantastic.  It's my go to toy for when someone is extra fussy.  Set the walker in front of them, push some buttons and that usually buys five minutes of happiness.  That makes this toy golden.

Fisher Price Star Stacker - We have the traditional Fisher Price stacker too and the like it, but they really like this one.  It lights up and makes noise, every parents favorite, when the stars go on and it plays a song when you place the smiley star on top.  They like to carry around the base and push the button to have it light up/make noise.

Happy Tot Pouches - I thought for sure once they stopped eating purees that they wouldn't be interested in these.  We had a couple Plum pouches left in the cabinet and I tried them out one day just to see if they'd eat them. They were all about it! Now that they know how to hold them and feed them to themselves they are all over these. We like the Happy Tot, Plum and Ella's Kitchen varieties. They are somewhat expensive, so we limit them to one each per day, and I stock up when they are on sale.  It seems like Target, Babies R Us and Meijer run a sale on them once a month.

Plum Little Cremes - They love these things! We started feeding them cremes around 7 months and they are still hot on them.  They come in reds, purples and greens and they love all three flavors.  The red and purple ones are a bit messy when they are teething and extra drooly, so we've learned to limit it to the greens while on the go.  They like Gerber organic yogurt drops too, but not nearly as much as they like these.

Playskool Busy Poppin Pals - We have a Disney version of this that their Great Aunt picked up for them at a thrift store. They have started figuring out how to push the buttons to pop up the characters, but mostly they love to push the characters back down.  This toy is one that gets fought over on a pretty regular basis.

Bright Starts Bee - This is another one that they received as a Christmas gift and are now really getting into.  The bee lights up and plays music, I know, fun, plus it vibrates and rolls around.  Like most musical toys these days it has a learning setting and a music setting.  They like both settings and love when the bee moves.  If you leave this toy on it will randomly make noises and wiggle around.  It always grabs their attention when that happens.

Those are our can't live without items of the last couple months.  They still like to play with all their toys, even a rattle if it's one they haven't seen in a while.  If they don't loose interest in some of these toys soon, we're going to run out of room for toys.  I think come their birthday, it will be time to start packing some toys into Rubbermaid bins so they can hang out in the garage for the next few years.

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