Tuesday, April 16, 2013

11 Months

Only one more month till these babies are a year old.  I know I say it all the time, and so does everyone else for that matter, but time sure does fly.  A year ago I was on modified bed rest, swollen like a sausage and enjoying every move these babies made, I still miss that feeling. I'll gladly take my sweet munchkins being here with me though.

Our biggest change over the last month has been in the sleep department.  I made a post about our achievements in the sleep department and since then things have continued to get well.  Two nights ago the babies moved into their own room and it was a seamless transition.  They are still coming into bed with us around 6am to nurse and sleep a little longer.  Sleeping, actually sleeping, not being awake half the night, in my own bed is glorious.  They are getting much better sleep now too, and it makes for an all around happier household.

Brooke took her first consecutive steps this week.  I was not at all ready for it and didn't get any video.  I tried to record her doing it again, and she was so excited about my phone sitting on the entertainment center that she lost her balance and face planted into a shelf.  She now has a bruise on her forehead and will probably never want to walk again.  They're both doing great with walking while holding someone's hand.

We started our third round of swim classes this week. I think this will be our last round of classes until after the summer. It's crazy how much they love the pool. Hopefully they will feel the same way about the lake.

Harrison is holding at seven teeth. The eighth tooth that I thought was through is still sitting right under his gums. I keep thinking it will break through and it never does.  Brooke had three teeth break through the skin in one week and she's now up to seven teeth too.  We have been using amber teething necklaces.  I'm not sure if they are really working or not.  Either way, they look cute with them on.

Mama, Dada and dog(daw) are part of their everyday vocabulary. The dogs are daw and their stuffed lambs are daw.  It cracks me up every time Brooke calls the lamb daw.  I finally gave them their teddy bears that they received as gifts from a family friend.  I'm sure those will be daw soon too.

I've started full on planning for their 1st birthday party.  The invitations will be going out in the mail this week and then I can start working on all the details.  Look out Hobby Lobby and Michael's! I will be visiting you both frequently over the next month. I will be making a post with some of the ideas and projects I'll be working on for their big day.

This is how Harrison felt about taking pictures today. I think he's over it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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