Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend on the Move

Somehow it seems like there's always something to do every day. Each day is always packed with multiple things to get done. Some days it's just a trip to the gym and afternoon swim class.  Other days it's multiple trips to work, grocery shopping and a trip through service for the van, all between naps.  That was our Saturday. Thankfully the babies were great through all of it.  Our 5 minute stop into service for a tire pressure light turned into an hour, but they were champs.

Waiting at the Toyota dealership.

After our busy Saturday it was great to not leave the house at all today.  I am still wearing my pajama pants as I type this.  Sundays are Rob's only real day off so most Sundays are spent having family time. In the last week B's confidence in walking has increased exponentially, so today was spent having her walk back and forth between Rob and I. She's still a bit wobbly but she's figuring it out.  She took 23 steps without falling down today. Such a big girl!  Here she is in action.

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