Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Post Baby Body

I gained 81 pounds with the twins.  30 of it was in the last couple weeks and was pretty much all water weight.  Even without that, 50 pounds is a lot. I was fortunate that the pounds came of pretty easily.  I was back to my IVF weight by 3 months postpartum. I still don't have my post baby body back though.  As it is for most women post baby, my stomach is my trouble area.  I am pretty sure there is some degree of diastasis recti, or abdominal separation, I look like I'm 4 months pregnant after eating a meal.  This means that traditional abdominal exercises don't work for strengthening/firming your core. I found this grouping of exercises that I am going to start with.

We enrolled at the YMCA last month and I'm finally ready to start taking advantage of our membership.  I am terrible about working out.  I always feel better after, but actually getting myself to go to the gym or Zumba class is tough.  I always seem to find a reason not to go.  The Y has child care and for non-walking children you have to call a day ahead to make an appointment. This work out great for me because it means I am already committed to going.

The hope is that with 3-4 visits to the gym per week for cardio and by working on fixing the abdominal separation that my stomach will start to resemble its former self soon. Hopefully I'll see results before I have to put a bikini back on.  There are 45 days until the start of Memorial Day weekend.  I will update then with before and after pictures.  here's to feeling better and finally getting back into shape.

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