Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning to me means cleaning out my closet and getting rid of things I haven't worn in the past year or things that don't fit. I didn't clean out my closet last spring because I was a whole lot of pregnant.  That means there was lots to get rid of this year. Brooke decided to help me by playing with the now unused hangers and crawling around on the clothes I threw of the floor.  It's like she knew I put them there just for her.

I filled three bags with things to donate.  The fourth one is Robbie's because I make him purge his closet every spring too. I ditched mostly shirts, but also a few pairs of shoes and pants. I had to get rid of a few shirts that aren't mommy appropriate, too much cleavage, and other than those I wasn't sad to see anything go.  I dropped everything off at Goodwill today. Now I have room for new clothes.

Aside from the clothes we donated, I have lots of old worn t-shirts that I don't wear anymore.  I think I've been holding onto my seventh grade soccer shirt for a wee bit too long.  I doubt that anyone wants an old soccer shirt with "Justice" on the back of a show choir shirt that says "phat model" on it.  I found some great ways to upcycle these shirts. Hair Pom Poms, Fabric Flowers, Dog Rope Toys. There are tons of other great ideas for things to do with old t-shirts on Pinterest.

My favorite one of these ideas is definitely the dog rope toys.  I buy tons of Old Navy tanks every year.  I practically live in them all summer. They last maybe a year or two and then they're usually stained or snagged.  I had a lot of them to get rid of this year, so I decided I would use them for the dog toys.  While sitting on the couch watching a movie I made a few last night. They are super easy and only take a few minutes to make.  My dogs won't play with rope toys anymore and the dogs at the daycare certainly don't need them, so I'm going to donate them to the local shelter. I think they turned out really well and seem semi durable. Hopefully they'll hold up to some chewing.

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