Friday, August 16, 2013

15 Months

My little monkeys are 15 months old.  I feel like 15 months is a big one.  I'm not sure why because there aren't any big milestones associated with 15 months or a pediatrician visit, it just feels like a special month.

The biggest changes over the last month have been with the kids comprehension of what we're saying to them. I am pretty sure they understand about 75% of what we're saying to them. They are learning so much each day. I know I said the same thing last month, but it's true. They still aren't saying a lot, so I pretty much have a one sided conversation with myself all day. Just within the last couple days, Harrison has started saying yes when I ask him questions. I can tell they have so much more to say, but are working on figuring it all out. They are also both starting to show me what they want more and more.  I'll be so glad once they're really talking.

They have both always liked being read to, but now it's their favorite thing.  Brooke started picking up the book she wants us to read and bringing it to us.  Harrison quickly followed suit.  They will both take books to Rob and wake him up in the morning so he'll read to them. Brooke is willing to sit in your lap forever while you read.  Harrison usually makes it through half a book before he's off to get another one.  Their favorite books have become very evident as they require us to read them over and over again.  Rob and I can both recite Dr. Seuss's ABC book from memory.

Their fascination with the dogs continues to grow. They have discovered what little tails the dogs have.  H likes to grab Layla's nub when she gets excited. Tyson follows them wherever they go, and not just because they often have food.  He is their constant companion.  They still think it's hilarious to feed the dogs from their high chairs, but I'm trying to put an end to that.

A few funny little things they've started doing over the last month include sticking their tongues out all the time, especially if you stick yours out first.  Brooke has discovered belly buttons and is constantly pulling up her shirt or dress to touch her belly button.  She also likes to pull up my shirt to touch my belly button. They are becoming very interested in faces too.  Touching my nose and then theirs.  Pulling each others ears and then touching their own. If we ask them to get a certain stuffed animal for us, like the honey badger or big pig, they will find that animal and bring it to us.  They get so happy when they find what  they're looking for.

No new teeth this month, but they are both definitely working on molars.  Cold teething toys are making a comeback in this house.  A few new foods they tried this month include meatballs, golden raspberries, kale,salsa, hot pepper cheese and alfredo sauce.  B didn't like alfredo sauce.  How is that possible?

They took their first bubble bath this month, we have previously avoided too much soap due to B's sensitive skin. We had a lovely run in with poison ivy while berry picking and I wanted to make sure I got any oil off their skin. B was kind enough to poop in the tub for the first time during their bubble bath. Enter Scrubbing Bubbles, a full tub sanitization and bubble bath number 2. Thankfully they didn't get a poison ivy rash, but I did.

Everyday is a struggle with sharing.  They always want what the other one has, even if they have an identical item.  Brooke has taken to stealing Harrison's food even if she has the same thing on her plate. We are still using redirection and trying to see the problem before it happens.  Toy envy is definitely the number one reason for tears in our house.  Amazingly, they are really great at sharing if you ask them to give you something.  Hopefully once they can communicate better, this issue will get better too.

We are still in the middle of nap transition hell.  Every day it's a guess as to whether they need one nap or two.  Each time I think we're finally down to one, there's a day where they break down at 11am. On the other hand if we do too many two nap days in a row, they will refuse their second nap and then be angry for the rest of the day. They are still waking around 5 or 6 each morning for a quick nursing session and then head back to sleep until about 8am.

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I hope we'll have some great weekend fun to share with you come Sunday or Monday.  TGIF!


  1. Oh my goodness! They're so cute! And, I don't think I've ever seen a boy/girl twin set look more alike, besides the hair color of course! I love that! :)

  2. They are so cute! Besties for sure :)