Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Chair of Their Own

For months I've been saying I needed to get the kids their own chairs.  We have one bouncy seat that is still in their room, at least it was until yesterday. They are both always climbing on it, laying in it, fighting over who gets to sit in it.  It was definitely time for their own chairs.  

The problem came when deciding what chairs to get them. I could never decide what chairs I wanted to get for them.  I absolutely adore this chair for a boy, but I wasn't in love with any of the girl chairs.  I love, love, love this chair, but could never justify the price. I kept searching and came across the fabulous chairs we decided to get.

While they were napping yesterday the UPS guy dropped off their new chairs. We set them in the living room and waited for them to wake up. Brooke went to hers right away and jumped in.

Once Harrison joined the laugh fest began.  They were so happy about their new seats. I have at least 20 pictures of them laughing as they kick their feet and climb all over their chairs.

Of course Brooke had to check out the chair Harrison was in.

And Pumba had to get a chance to sit in a chair.  They love their "big pig."

The chairs made it into the nursery where they will live for the time being. Both H and B were in and out of their chairs again this morning. Layla tried to sit in one and she was promptly told to get down. The look on her face was like I had just crushed her dreams. The poor dog has to lay on the Lovesac or my king size bed.  She has a rough life.

I'm a little worried about keeping the chairs clean and stain free, but we'll see how it goes.  We're working on cutting out snacks in order to keep B from refusing meals, so at least food in the chairs shouldn't be an issue. 

I can not get over how cute these chairs are. I wish I could sit in them.  I already tried, it's not going to happen.

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