Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Quiet Little Weekend

Our Saturday seemed pretty quiet compared to the last few weekends.  The most exciting part of Saturday was going to the daycare to let the dogs out.  Rose and Sydney, two of my employees' dogs were there, so the kids got to get in some extra puppy love.

We've been slowly working on trying to get the kids adjusted to walking with their backpack leashes.  Each time we try using them I always start out feeling like we're doing better than last time.  Every time I get that feeling, the kids decide to prove me wrong. They both run in opposite directions, sit sown, refuse to move, and start screaming.  My neighbors have to be questioning my parenting abilities after witnessing this for the upteempth time. We can't even make it to the mailbox and back with these things. I don't know how we're ever going to be able to use them at the zoo. Definitely not the highlight of our Saturday.

Daddy Day started out with a trip to the zoo. Having Daddy around is great not only because we love him and he's awesome, but also because we can do so much more when he's there. 

We have been putting off letting the kids ride the horses at the zoo all year.  At $5 per ride, per kid, we don't want it to become an every time thing. The kids and I are there once or twice a week, we have definitely got every penny out of our membership.  All of the extras add up pretty quickly with two kids.

They both did really well.  Brooke was only willing to do one lap on the horse. Harry stuck in for both laps. He rode a sweet little pony named Sandy and she rode Tabby.

They also got to ride the carousel since we had Rob along.  They finally like the up and down animals.  Of course neither of them were willing to smile for the camera at the same time.

After naps we went to target to get the kids a couple new pairs of shoes.  Shoes turned into book, toys and this puffer vest.  Fall clothes were just put out this week and there were only three vests left.  Apparently I'm not the only one who decided their kid couldn't live without the vest.

After dinner we went for a nice walk with the dogs, and ended the evening with watermelon in the back yard. It was a quiet, laid back weekend. It's nice to have a weekend with no plans every once and a while. 

Both kids have slept through the night, 8pm-7:15am the last few nights, so I'm hoping for a repeat tonight. Here's to a night with, hopefully, 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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