Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend started out pretty quiet as usual. On Friday the kids and I ran a few errands, but mostly hung out around the house. They have been hanging out in their box all the time lately. I would love to toss it, but they love it, so we shall hold onto it until Santa brings them something better. 

During nap time I wrapped gifts and watched Love Actually. It's definitely my favorite holiday movie, and I always watch it while wrapping gifts. After the kids were in bed for the night, Rob and I snuggled on the couch and watched Christmas Vacation. I am slowly checking all my must watch holiday movies off my list. 

On Saturday the kids and I spent all day hanging around the house. They ran around in diapers and watched the snow fall.  We read books, played with Legos and did puzzles. 

Saturday night was Rob's company Christmas party. The kids went out to dinner with one of their favorite Aunties, and I got ready before heading out with the hubs.  

Since we were out, we decided to stop past out favorite restaurant for martinis and dessert on the way home. Our créme brûlée was the perfect end to the evening. The martinis weren't too shabby either. 

Before heading to bed, I knew there was a headache in my future. Mixing beer, wine, and vodka never bodes well for me, and last night was no different. 

I woke up feeling hungover only to find Brooke had pulled Jingle, a candle and her keepsake box all into her crib. Why don't kids know they're supposed to take it easy on you after a night out? 3 cups of coffee and 1600mg of ibuprofen later, I was headache free and the kids' dresser was rearranged so that the only thing Brooke can reach from her crib are diapers.  

After watching the Steelers pretty much guarantee they won't be going the the playoffs, we got the kids ready and headed to see the Fantasy of Lights again. When we went last week, the kids stayed in their seats, and Rob didn't get to come with us. This time they got a front row seat. 

Boo helped drive, and Harry got to take in the view from his daddy's lap. If you live in Fort Wayne or the surrounding area, you should take the time to visit. It's only $5 and benefits Anthony Wayne Services. AWS is a great organization that helps disabled children and adults.  

We also drove past one of our favorite private residences. This house has been a constant in my yearly Christmas light viewing pleasure for over 20 years.  Some nights the owner even dresses up as Santa and sits out on his drive. I love taking the kids to see all of the fun things I enjoyed growing up. I love seeing them get excited over holiday fun.  

We are finishing the evening with a little Home Alone action. I can't think of a better way to end the night. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. Wonderful!! So good to see you making your own traditions! Hugs!