Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna - Slow Cooker Style

I find most all of my recipes on Pinterest, and this one was no exception. I've made a modification of the original recipe a couple times now, and both times it has turned out phenomenally well. I judge how a dish turns out by how much Brooke will eat. Both times she has gone to town on this lasagna, and both times she's been willing to eat leftovers. I of course really like it to, otherwise I wouldn't have made it a second time.

The first time I made it, I made a vegetarian version. It was really good, but it was so much food. I had to throw away leftovers because we couldn't finish it all within a week. When making it the second time, I knew I needed to cut down the recipe a little since I was just making it for Rob, the kids and I. I also added chicken the second time around since I would be feeding any vegetarians with this go round.

Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna

2 chicken breasts, cooked and diced or shredded
6.3 oz jar basil pesto
1 cup frozen chopped spinach, thawed
7 oz artichoke quartered artichoke hearts
10 oz ricotta cheese
2/3 cup parmesan cheese
1 egg, beaten
2 cups shredded mozzarella
1 box oven ready lasagna noodles
1 jar Classico alfredo sauce (any variety will do)

The ricotta mixture and chicken mixture

1. Mix diced chicken breast and pesto together in mixing bowl.

2. Pat spinach with paper towel to remove excess moisture.

3. Slice artichoke hearts into small pieces. Mix with spinach, ricotta, parmesan, and egg.

4. Pour 1/4 sauce into the bottom of a greased slow cooker. Break pasta noodles into pieces and cover sauce with noodles. ( I use three noodles per layer)

5. Spread half of ricotta mixture on top of noodles. Spread half of chicken mixture on top of ricotta mixture.

6. Top chicken mixture with another layer of noodles. Pour half of remaining sauce over the noodles. Sprinkle 1 cup of mozzarella over sauce.

7. Repeat layering starting with the ricotta mixture.

8. Cook on low for 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

9. If you want your cheese on top browned, remove ceramic pot from the slow cooker basin and place in oven. Broil until the cheese is browned to your liking.

10. Return to slow cooker and let set for 10 minutes before serving.

Notes: I used a rotisserie chicken, just the breasts, from the store when making this. You could also use grilled, pan sauteed, boiled chicken, etc. The original recipe calls for a mixture of 4 Cheese and Garlic alfredo sauce. I did use both, but I don't feel it adds anything to the dish. If you use two jars you wind up with half a jar of each left over, so I simplified it for the recipe. I used a 14 oz can of artichoke hearts. I used half for the recipe and froze the rest for the next time I make this, because I will be making it again. You will not use an entire box of noodles. I used approximately 6 ounces of noodles, half a box.

H and B going to town on their lasagna.

The end result after two helpings a piece, and demanding to eat some of mine.

We did have some leftovers with the recipe, enough for 2 servings instead of 6. Rob said he liked this batch better than the first time I made it. Probably because there was no meat in it the first time. My hubby loves his meat. If you want to make a vegetarian version, omit the chicken and add the pesto to the ricotta mixture. Follow the rest of the recipe as instructed above.

Happy Cooking!!


  1. They are too cute and this dinner sounds delicious!!!! :)


    1. Thanks Ashley! I definitely recommend trying it.