Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow, Birthdays and Babies. So Fun!

We had such a fun weekend. It wasn't too busy, but it was packed with fun. On Friday Rob's cousin and his wife had their sweet baby boy. Rob and his cousin are very close, so Baby B feels more like a nephew than a cousin. He and H and B are second cousins. I got the chance to go to the hospital to meet him on Friday, and he is as cute as can be.

Late Friday evening the snow started falling and by Saturday evening we had about 7 inches of snow on the ground. The snow didn't keep us from getting out to celebrate our dear friend, Sophie's, 3rd birthday. She had a Sophia the Third princess party complete with princess games, face painting and a real live Snow White.

 The birthday girl

Harrison wore wings and played with balloons almost the entire time.

Brookie played with Miss Kim when she wasn't eating cheese crackers.


This is what B looks like on a sugar high.

H and B checking out the puppies.

Chihuahua puppies. LOVE! They were so tiny.

On Sunday we hung out around the house and checked out the snow. B cried every time she fell over, and Harry pretty much despised the entire experience. At least Tyson loves playing in the snow.

We did venture out Sunday evening so the kiddos could meet Baby B. Brooke was really into him and kept pointing to him. Harrison did not like him at all thanks to an insane case of jealousy. He was attached to my side the entire time we visited and he cried while I held the baby. I guess that means Harrison isn't interested in a sibling anytime soon.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and for those of you close, I hope you're enjoying the snow. I'm loving it! Now it's time to watch the Steelers hopefully win this football game.

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