Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We Love Kitties

Today was our local shelter's Holiday Open House. I plan to make it a yearly outing with the kids. I think it's important for them to know about all the amazing things our local shelter does. Not only finding homes for homeless pets, but community outreach, education, etc. Obviously they don't understand any of this yet, but we're starting the tradition early.  

I posted a few months back about up cycling old t-shirts into rope dog toys. I finally got around to making all my old tank tops into rope toys. It's super easy to do and a great way to use old shirts with rips, tears or stains that you can't donate to Goodwill. 

We packaged the rope toys with some blankets, treats, and a bag of kibble. 

Photo courtesy of FWACC

We didn't take the full tour of the shelter, but we did go check out all of the kittens and doggies looking for homes.  It was great to see that most of them already had families they would be going home to soon.  

The kittens were definitely the highlight for H and B.  I'm pretty sure they would have been willing to stare at the kittens all night if I would have let them. 

On a more serious note, as tear jerking as the ASPCA commercials are on TV, Sarah McLachlan gets me every time, a monetary donation goes much further when given to your local SPCA or humane shelter. It is so important to donate to your local shelter. Whether it's a monetary donation, or a donation of your time. Even something as small as donating towels and blankets you don't use anymore, can make big difference. If you have the means, please consider helping out pets in need.  


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