Wednesday, March 25, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 12 and My Thoughts on SB101

I know I usually keep the content on here pretty light, and mostly about the kids, but today I'm going to mix it up a little. I can't stop thinking about Indiana SB101. For those of you that don't know, it's a bill that allows business owners to discriminate against potential customers based on their religious beliefs. Namely Christian business owners against the GLBTQ community. It passed the house this week by a vote of 62-31. Seriously? How is it possible that 2/3 of the officials elected into office think it's ok to discriminate against anyone, regardless of your religious beliefs? And an even better question is why is our Governor happy to get the opportunity to sign in into law? I'm so baffled as to how people would think this is ok. When are we going to stop discriminating against other people, and finding ways to make out hatred legal?

As a business owner I would never turn someone away because I didn't approve of their way of life. Why would you? It would be a stupid decision to turn away potential income. It's not as though they are forcing me to join their way of life. They're asking for me to provide a good or service for them, the same as I would for any other customer. 

I haven't seen one person who has said anything good about this bill, other than our governor. All I have seen are people who are opposed to this bill. Huge money making conventions have threatened to pull out of Indiana if this bill passes. I know this will hurt our state's economy. Even if the bill doesn't pass, the legislators in Indiana have made our state look like a bunch of bigoted ass holes. And you would think the governor would care, right? No, he's stopped accepting calls, and last time I checked, you can't even leave a message. I hope everyone who lives in Indiana remembers this come next election, and that we all make sure to vote and to get these closed minded individuals out of office. I know I sure as hell didn't vote for them last election. Here's a list of who voted for it.

Now that I've voiced my opinion on that matter, on to some cute pictures of my kids.
3.19.2015 - post bath time crazy curls

3.20.2015 - daycare is exhausting

3.21.2015 - chicken dancer

3.22.2015 - I like big tires and I can not lie

3.23.2015 - why so serious?

3.24.2015 - big bites

3.25.2015 - pom pom hair

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