Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Weekend

Our plan for staying in PJs all weekend didn't happen, but we did have a pretty relaxed weekend. We managed to fit in a lot of fun, but still not do anything too exciting. Friday morning we made a Target run to return a couple things, and we wound up with a few new Melissa and Doug toys for the kids. They are getting bored with their chunky puzzles, so I wanted to pick up some more advanced puzzles. We wound up getting Cinderella and Belle wooden dress up dolls, and they love them. We played with them all afternoon. We did get a Disney Junior puzzle box too, and we've spent a lot of time working on those.

Saturday morning we played dress up and then made a quick grocery run to Kroger. There were two little carts, which meant H and B were ecstatic to push them and help with shopping, even if that meant the trip took twice as long.

After naps we met some friends at the library for a play date. Brooke and Harry are so used to go in the morning they kept asking when we were going to get donuts. Smart little kids. I probably would have let them have one, but we were meeting Robbie for dinner after he got off work. We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Brooke ate pretty much nothing but chips. Harrison ate almost an entire order of guac by himself. He kept telling us it was "ficey" as he shoveled and more into his mouth. After dinner we gave them a few coins to throw in the fountain, and as they say, "they learned to make wishes."

Sunday morning we woke up to a few inches of fresh snow, and it continued to snow all morning. The kids of course wanted to go outside and play, so we bundled up and went sledding. We came home for hot chocolate and stories once Harry had had enough. I'm pretty sure Brooke would have stayed outside all day. 

After naps we let the kids play outside a little more. I had picked up some clearance snow crayons at Target on Friday. We broke those out for the kids to use, and we now have a few colorful front yard. Once they finished off the color that was in them, we mixed more by adding a little Koolaid to some hot water. 

Brooke was ready to come inside as soon as our friends showed up for TWD night. Her little face got wind burnt, so it was time for her to warm up. Harrison on the other hand refused to come inside. I watched from the window, and he just stood on our front walk giving us the angriest little faces. His stubbornness  is quite adorable. 

After dinner, playtime, and baths, the kids had a little dance party before bedtime. Three little kids all running around and shaking their booties is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. One all the littles were asleep, we had strawberry shortcake for dessert and watched The Walking Dead. Who else watches? I have really enjoyed the last couple episodes and am excited to see what happens next week.

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  1. Such a perfect, snowy weekend! The California girl in me is jealoussss