Friday, February 27, 2015

It's Friday

Somehow I managed a new post every day this week. How does that happen? We have nothing planned this weekend which sounds pretty glorious. I think there will be a lot of PJ wearing going on in this house. Now let's jump into some Friday favorites.

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One - Meet Alexa! After watching the video last year, I requested an invitation to receive an Amazon Echo. When I got the invitation I immediately ordered. Prime members get it for $99 so I figured it was worth a go. My expected ship date kept getting pushed back and I thought it was going to be spring before we got it. Amazon even gave me a $10 credit because my date kept getting pushed back. Then the day after the credit hit my account, I got a shipping notification. Score!! We've had it a week and love it so far. I don't love that it's call name is Alexa, but oh well. We use it mostly for music, but it has also helped me answer a few questions. Like how far is it from San Francisco to Disney Land. H and B have started asking for me to turn on music all the time, and I love that I don't always have to search out my phone to do it.

Pom Pom Kimono Jacket Classic Navy - Xhilaration®
Two - During a single trip to Target I walked past this kimono 4 times, thank you toddler potty breaks, before I finally convinced myself to grab it. I saw it and immediately though swimsuit cover up. I'm sure I'll wear it with jeans and a tank a few time before it goes pool side, but it will definitely be going pool, and probably lake side.

Three - Plantar faciitis sucks. Like big time. I can't wear flip flops. Most ballet flats are out of the picture. I thought I was doing ok with my riding boots and Hunters all winter, but nope. The small heel on those isn't enough either. So my options are: 1. Give up all the shoes I love and only wear running shoes 2. Deal with heel pain all the time 3. Find a good insert to help with cushioning and arch support.

Since I'm not too hot on idea 1 or 2, I decided it was time to give 3 a go. I did the fancy Dr. Scholl's map your foot machine and it recommended a $50 insert. I grabbed the one it recommended and decided to browse the less expensive options too. Dr. Scholl's makes an insert designed specifically for PF and it's only $10, so I grabbed it too. I tried out the less expensive one first, and it's fabulous. If you have problems with PF, I highly recommend this little insert.

Since I can't wear an insert with sandals, I am taking recommendations on sandals with good arch support.

Tomato & Mozzarella Panini
Four - Who knows about Panera Rapid Pick Up? Order online, pay online, and it's ready in 15 minutes or at a time you specify. So perfect for a busy day. 20 seconds in and out the door. Unless of course one of your kids decides they have to use the bathroom RIGHT NOW!
Herbal Concepts Comfort Neck and Shoulder Wrap, Black
Five - Did you know you can burn a neck wrap in under two minutes in the microwave? Yeah, me neither, until I did. I use my aromatherapy neck wrap pretty often. Anytime I feel tension in my neck like I have a headache coming on, I warm it up and put it on. If usually helps a headache stop from progressing into a migraine. A big life saver. So after I destroyed the one I had, I was on the search for a new one. I saw this one on Amazon and loved that it covers your shoulders and neck. I read some reviews, and decided to give it a go. I used it for the first time yesterday, and am a huge fan. It doesn't hold the heat as long as my old one, and it takes a long time to fully heat it, but it feels so good when you put it on. And the smell is much more mild than the last one I had. Robbie will actually sit in the same room as me now when I use it.

And because no post is complete without a picture of these two. I love them in their footie jams! There is nothing like a little Mickey to start your morning.

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  1. Shoe inserts save my life! I don't have plantar faciitis, but the extra support does help with any knee pain I get from time to time. Dr. Scholls inserts are great and fit perfectly in almost every shoe I have. I'm with you, though - I can't wear flip flops or flats, either. It's sad :(
    Happy Friday!

  2. I love shoe inserts, they are sooooo comforting.

    Love the pictures of the lil ones!

  3. I hadn't heard about Panera's rapid pick up! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your weekend - no plans + pjs = perfection! ;)

  4. Love that kimono! I need to go to Target and look at it!

  5. That Alexa things has me intrigued! We have prime and I might need to look into that!

  6. Footie jammies are the BEST! Seriously though technology is getting way past me cause I've never even heard of an Alexa sounds cool though