Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring Fever, Mini Style

 A few weeks ago the kids and I were out shopping for new pants. Yes, my not even three year old children are already moving up to 4T pants. They've been in 4T shirts for months, so I'm sure 5T shirts aren't too far off. Of course while we were looking at pants we started looking at the new spring arrivals. Brooke made it known that she wants every dress at Target and Old Navy. While she won't be getting every dress, we have started picking up a few new pieces here and there. I think we'll be able to use a lot of Brooke's dresses from last year and most of Harrison's shorts again this year, so I have only been picking up pieces we really love.


Harrison probably won't be wearing shorts anytime soon, but Brooke is already insisting on wearing her new summer dresses. I am a big fan of dressing dresses down with leggings for everyday wear. And Brooke is a big fan of anything with a skirt, so we both win. Now that they are fully into size 4, we have begun shopping in the big kids section too. We ordered this dress in XS last week, and I really wish they made it in my size because it is so perfectly summer.

Before too long it will be time to start stocking up on swim suits and flip flops. I personally can't wait!

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  1. Oh my! All of these are adorable! I've had a $30 gift card to Old Navy for the kids burning a hole in my pocket and every time I go in to buy something for the kids, I can't decide because they have 2947575 cute things and so I leave empty handed! Might need to go in and do the close-my-eyes, spin around, and point thing and just buy it!