Wednesday, February 18, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 7

Today begins Lent, or as Brooke and Harrison might call it, the season of fish sticks. Each year for lent I always give up some kind of indulgence, like fast food, Starbucks, or candy.  It would have been a good time to give up coffee, but since I already did that, I can't very well cheat and do it again. I will be candy free for the next 40 days, which is good news for the kids jar of potty treats. I also always try to work on my relationship with God during Lent. Through praying better and attending mass more often. We have a lot to thank The Lord for, and a lot of big thing going on in our lives that are in his hands. Now is the perfect time to strengthen my relationship with Him.  

I don't usually think these pictures need an explanation, but I'm going to throw one out there for today's picture. We were at The Y and walked into kids gym where there was an older girl reading a chapter book. Brooke and Harrison immediately got in her personal space and wouldn't move, even after I suggested they go play. She started reading her book a loud to them, and they were thrilled. They sat there until it was time for her to leave. It was so sweet.   

2.12.2015 - flips and giggles

2.13.2015 - donuts, duh

2.14.2015 - V.I.P - iPhone

2.15.2015 - BFFs

2.16.2015 - princesses eat ice cream too

2.17.2015 - the joy of hand dryers

2.18.2015 - yes, we will force you to read to us

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