Wednesday, February 4, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 5

I have had a couple sick kiddos on my hands this week. Nothing serious, but it has made our days a little less predictable than usual. Thankfully we are back to being fever free, so I hope that means we're getting back to normal. I am definitely looking to getting in a workout that doesn't require a 6 am wake time, and I know H and B are going stir crazy.

This week's batch of photos are a little Harrison heavy, which is great. Brooke is usually my willing subject, so it's nice to get a few good ones of him in the mix. 

1.29.2015 - Sliding

1.30.2015 - Virtues of a Superhero

1.31.2015 - Our BFF, the zebra

2.1.2015 - Making snowball soup

2.2.2015 - high pony

2.3.2015 - Miss crafter

2.4.2015 - trampoline poms

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