Monday, February 9, 2015

Pull Ups, Buckets, and Tablets

Our weekend was started abruptly at 3 am on Friday morning. Brookie had gotten sick in her bed. Thankfully it was only on her bed and jammies, and not in her her, so no early morning showers were needed. She climbed into bed with us, and slept until 6 when she got sick again. Then again at 8am. You can see where this is going. We canceled our preschool tour and settled in for a long day around the house.

By 10am little lady was ready for a snooze in my bed, and I was starting to feel a little off. I set Harry up on his tablet, and laid down in bed with my Boo. Our brief nap led to lunch for Harrison and then nap time for all of us. Two hours later, Brooke was running a 103 degree temp, I had acquired aches, chills, and a 101 fever, and we were down for the count.

There was a lot of tablet time on Friday and Saturday. It's really the only way were survived my illness. I thankfully never got sick, but even today, my stomach is still off. Brooke went from throwing up Friday and Saturday to needing to wear a Pull Up Saturday and Sunday. She's thankfully been eating a little more, so I hope she's feeling better. She visibly lost a couple pounds, and even looks a little frail. Although part of that perception may be that my loud, bossy little girl has been so quiet for the last few days.

We did make sure to get out and enjoy the above normal temps over the weekend. We got to take a couple walks and even made an outing to Kroger. Just enough fresh air and sunlight to keep us sickos sane.

Even with the sickness that consumed our weekend, we still managed to have our friends over Sunday night for a taco bar and The Walking Dead. I won't go into details since I know a lot of people haven't watched it yet, but not cool TWD, not cool. 

I hope everyone else's weekend was more exciting than ours, and didn't involve a toddler throwing up every few hours. Between Harrison being sick at the beginning of the week, and Brooke and I at the end, our whole week last week was a mess. We're hoping to get back to The Y this week and even have a play date with a couple of friends. Cheers to a good start to the beginning of the week.

On a completely unrelated note to our weekend, I am guest posting today over at Raising Southern Grace. Sydney does an amazing Infertility Journey series. I was lucky enough to be able to share my journey with her readers today. If you have a few minutes please click through and check it out.


  1. Awh. Littles fashionista. Hope she is better. No mor sickies. :(