Wednesday, February 25, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 6

Harrison and Brooke have been waking up earlier and earlier for the last couple weeks. I feel like this happened just before the time change last year too. It's made for an extra tired me. Between their early wake times and my decision to give up all caffeine, I've been tired all the time and ready to hit the sheets by 9pm. I think tonight I am not going to fight it and will be going to bed as soon as I finish this post. 7am comes way too early. Says the girl who used to have to be to work before 7am every day. 

I didn't break out my camera at all on Friday or Sunday. Those were my two worst days of being under the weather, so iPhone pics it is. It's kind of a miracle I even got those. Overall, not one of my favorite weeks, but not a complete loss either. So here ya go, week 6. 

2.5.2015 - snip snip

2.6.2015 - saddest thing ever - iPhone

2.7.2015 - tutu and snow boots

2.8.2015 - mini cart madness - iPhone

2.9.2015 - is baby stealing legal?

2.10.2015 - pizza by the slice

2.11.2015 - more cowbell

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