Wednesday, March 4, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 9

Today was a big day for Brooke and Harrison. They got moved up to the big kid group at The Y. New toys, the opportunity to go to Kid's Gym while they're in Child Watch, they can color pictures now, go to the bathroom on their own. Pretty exciting stuff. Harrison celebrated by peeing in his pants. Well, maybe that move was a little premature. They have the white tags now though, so wet pants or not, they are "big kids!"

2.26.2015 - fry sharing

2.27.2015 - hugs

2.28.2015 - story time with Auntie C

3.1.2015 - sledding!

3.2.2015 - it's cookie time, it's cookie time, it's cookie time!

3.3.2015 - tub painting

3.4.2015 - pot o gold

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