Saturday, November 16, 2013

18 Months

Harrison and Brooke are 18 months old today! I can't believe we've already made it to a year and a half. While they were nursing before naps today it really hit me that they are no longer babies. They could decide to self wean at any time and our sweet snuggle time could be gone. I also realized that I won't have the luxury of snuggling in bed for as long as I want with any potential future kids because I'll have these two running around. I have to enjoy every minute of the quiet snuggles while I still can. While they do give me hugs and kisses throughout the day, lately the only time they really slow down and let me snuggle them is when they nurse.

They are gaining so much independence each day. They want to do things on their own. Mom and dad can't help with everything. Brooke especially makes that clear when she's swatting us away. They want to do what we do. A few of their favorite things to do are throw away their diapers after a change or to help me unload the dishwasher. Harrison loves to sweep the floor or push around the squeegee at the daycare. He is such a little helper.

Harrison sprouted two new molars this month and has a cuspid that is about to break through the gums any day. His last molar shows no signs of coming in any time soon. Brooke has no new teeth this month, but she has a cuspid that is poking her gums too. Molars are cake compared to the pain I can tell they're feeling with their canines. Chilled teething rings are back in use almost daily.

Their vocabulary is still developing. We hear new words or animal noises from them almost daily. Harrison has always been a bit more verbal than Brooke and he continues to be. She doesn't say as much as he does, but I'm pretty sure she understands more. It's so neat to see how they develop differently even though they're exposed to the same things.

Brooke is still going back and forth between eating whatever we put in front of her and refusing to eat anything that isn't fruit or a carb. (Is butter a carb?) Harrison still eats pretty much everything and has even attempted to eat some rather spicy foods recently. He did really will with some spicy Indian food and not so great with a bite of spicy Mexican food. They are still nursing 3 times a day and drink water like it's going out of style. They are definitely well hydrated.

They are officially into 24 month (Carter's) and 18-24 (Gap and Old Navy) tops. They are even wearing a lot of 2T tops for the length. Their Christmas pjs I bought in size 2T are almost to short on top and I have to roll up the bottoms so they don't step on them. They are still wearing 12-18 month pants for the most part, but are wearing some 18-24 month skinny jeans because they're too cute not to wear. They are both about to make the move to size 7 shoes. They are already wearing size 7 boots with no problem and I need to get them new sneakers this next week.

A few other random little things to note. They are both still rear facing in their car seats. Brooke has developed an attachment to an Eddie Bauer down blanket and refuses to be read to without it covering her legs. They both sleep with a quilt made by one of their Aunties. They love it when we cover them up before bedtime. Harrison really took an attachment to Layla last month. I'm sad we won't get to see that relationship develop, but I'm hoping he'll start paying more attention to Tyson. Both kids think it's great fun to give the dog treats. Harrison will let Tyson take it from his hand and Brooke sets it on the floor in front of him. They are getting better at sharing everything except toys. They'll gladly share sippy cups, books, food, blankets, but not toys. they still constantly fight over toys.

Happy half birthday kiddos! Your daddy and I love you so much. You bring so much joy to our lives and we love watching you grow and thrive. There are only 6 months left until you turn two which means it's about time for me to start planning your birthday party. I kid, I kid.

Happy 18 months, H and B!

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