Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Cold That Never Ends

Harrison started getting a runny nose a week ago on Saturday. By Sunday morning it was obvious that he had a cold, just in time for their 18 month pictures too. It looked like Brooke was going to miss out on the fun of being sick, but sure enough she started coughing on Thursday.

Here we are a week and a half later and they're both still coughing all the time and are certified snot producing machines. To make matters more fun, our washing machine gave up on life two days ago and now it feels like I'm getting their cold. Oh joy. 

Even though they've been sick for what feels like eternity, we've managed to have a little fun the last few weeks. I was able to attend two baby showers for two awesome women in my life. We had the kids' 18 month pictures taken. We got to visit with my uncle and cousins. And the kids went in for their 18 month check up. 

Wearing their first flannel pj sets. I love these!

Enjoying the 60* November weather.

Waiting out the tornado warning. 6 dogs, 2 babies and 8 adults all in the basement at Unc's.

Waiting at the doctor's office. H is 33.5" tall and weighs 27 pounds. B is 33" tall and weighs 24 pounds 12 ounces.

I'm really hoping they're over this in the next day or two. I would hate for them to be sick over Thanksgiving. Cousin Charlie will be in town for a whole week, and they have some serious bonding to do. Does anyone have any recommendations for helping get rid of their colds? How long do you usually wait until you seek out antibiotics? Their ears were clear at their check up, so I don't think we're dealing with ear infections. I'm taking suggestions for voodoo, witchcraft and any other shenanigans that will help kick these colds in the butt.

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