Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday - Holiday Jammies

For 5 on Friday this week I'm going to share 5 of our favorite holiday pajama options for boys and girls. H and B wore their Christmas pjs for the first time the other night, and they slept through the night which is a rare occurrence around here. I consider that a sign that they need more Christmas jams.

Carter's is our go to for sleepwear. Their footed fleece sleepers are what the kids wear 90% of the time. We've never tried their two piece sets, but these Santa ones are so cute. Their technically boy pajamas, but I think little girls can rock these too. The pjs their rocking in the picture above are both from Carter's.

These are the perfect classic two piece pajama sets. The plaid set has just a little bit of feminine ruffle to give it some flair. 

These are pretty much exactly the same as the Carter's footed sleepers. I LOVE the aliens wearing Santa hats. These are both so much fun.

Old Navy
Old Navy is another one of our favorites for pajamas. I love that their sizes work as an in between with Carter's sizes. I love these festive striped jammies. We already have enough holiday jams for this year, but we may have to try and snatch these up on clearance.

On one of our too many Target trips this week I saw these and knew we had to have them. I wish they made both of these in my size. Of course they didn't have them in store in the right size, so we ordered them online.  Thank you Target Red Card for free shipping and 5% off. If you don't have a Target debit card, get one. It's fantastic and free. 

Now I need to find some good holiday pjs for myself. As much as I'd love to rock a pair of footed sleepers, I can't sleep with my feet covered. Does anyone have any good recommendations on awesome holiday pjs for adults?

The kids are sleeping in their fleece footed Christams sleepers again tonight in hopes that there will be a repeat performance of last night. If all goes well, when this publishes in the am I'll still be snuggled up with a 70 pound fur ball named Tyson.  

Thanks to AprilChristinaNatasha and Darci for hosting the Five on Friday link up. 


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