Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Zucchini Bake

I, like just about every other mom on earth, am constantly trying to make sure my kids are getting enough of the right things to eat. Especially with B, it's a constant battle to get them to eat well. I'm sure they would happily live on cereal, smoothies and cheese if I let them. They love cheese and I can almost always get them to eat their veggies if there's enough cheese involved.

One of my favorite side dishes is layers of zucchini and squash with cheese, onions and a little bit of garlic. So easy and so flavorful. I've made it a couple times for the kids and of course Harry eats it up. Brooke eats it straight out of the oven, but isn't so sure about it as leftovers. I ideally serve it as a side with some grilled chicken, but I've also been know to make a pan and have only zucchini bake for dinner.  

Zucchini Bake


3 medium size zucchini or yellow squash
1/2 cup diced onion or 3 tbsp dried onion
Garlic powder
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
1 cup mozzarella cheese


1. Preheat oven to 375* and spray 9x9 pan with cooking spray. 

2. Slice zucchini and/or yellow squash. Dice onion.  

3. Layer zucchini, onion, garlic powder and Parmesan cheese in pan in that order.  Repeat layers until all ingredients are used. 

4. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over top.  

5. Bake for 30 minutes, or until zucchini is cooked and the cheese is lightly browned. 

Pre-bake during layering

Now that H and B have almost all their molars, I can cook this the way I like it, not quite as mushy. When they were younger and still gumming most of their food, I would overcook it so it would be easier for them to chew. The skins are a bit difficult for babies with no teeth, so watch closely with little littles.

Any other mamas out there have good go to side dishes to get their kids eating veggies? I love new ideas.

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