Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday

I have always been a, "No Christmas anything until after Thanksgiving." No holiday music, no gift shopping, no anything.  However, now with kids around, I'm singing a different tune.  I'm ready for all things Christmas.

One • This aisle at Michael's has been speaking to me for a week now. I had to make a couple trips to Michael's this week as I finished up H and B's Halloween costumes. Each time I was there I felt myself being drawn to this aisle.  A gold and silver Christmas aisle? Yes please!

Two • I have a slight obsession with wrapping paper. Specifically white, silver and blue wrapping paper. Up until last year, I would not buy any holiday gift wrap that didn't match my color scheme. That beautiful red and silver paper? No way.  The lovely silver and gold paper? I don't think so. I decided to add in color for the kids gifts, but adult gifts will be sporting the same color scheme as years past.  I only have 263 rolls of color coordinated paper to use and then I might think about switching it up.  I can't wait for Hallmark to release this year wrapping paper options. 

Three • I know snow is right around the corner.  I'm not ready for it, but I know it will be here soon. Hell, we already had a little snow last week. The kids have been using the garage as their extra playroom, but I decided its time to park the van inside.  Yesterday morning Mario and Luigi helped me organize the garage so we can fit a van in there. I'm sad to see their play area go away for a few months, but it will be back come spring. 

Four • I love Black Friday shopping.  I didn't go last year, but I went the 5 years before.  Even when I didn't need anything, I would go along to help friends. We had a Black Friday SWAT team in place. Everyone knew their task and we had walkie talkies to communicate. Yeah, we were those people, but it worked. We would get what we needed and get out without killing anyone in the process. I miss the excitement of it all and am comtemplating going this year. Maybe there will be a great deal on a tablet I just won't be able to pass up. 

Five • As excited as I am getting for Christmas, I am still really looking forward to Thanksgiving. The majority of my siblings will be coming into town, and I can't wait. I am fortunate that all of my siblings and their spouses/fianc√©s get along great. We all know how to have a really good time too. I have to watch the daycare all weekend, but when I'm not kicking it with a bunch of dogs, you'd better believe I'll be kicking it with my family.   

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  1. I am definitely ready for Christmas. My daughter finally understands that we're celebrating Jesus' birthday and she's been asking for weeks if it's His birthday yet? I just think it's too cute. I also love that it's the one time of the year that all of my family comes into town. For Thanksgiving those who work in retail usually can't make it because they have work at the crack of dawn on Black Friday.