Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Weekend

So I'm a little late getting around to sharing our weekend, but here it is. Starting last Wednesday I noticed Layla was having some pain and whimpering on occasion when getting up. Each time she'd settle down and then would be fine. On Friday morning I woke up as usual and put down the dogs' food. She wasn't willing to get out of bed. Layla is the biggest chow hound on the planet, so I could tell she was really sore if she wouldn't get up for food.  I lifted all 75 pounds of her out of bed and laid her down with the food bowl in front of her. She laid there with her face buried in her bowl. The vet couldn't fit her in until that evening, so we gave her some aspirin and waited things out.

Once the aspirin kicked in, the kids and I headed out to run a few errands. There were of course no double carts at Target, so I let them help push the cart. This went really well for the first 15 minutes and then they were into everything. I put one in the cart and carried the other while we finished up. 

I try not to bitch about kid things, and I definitely don't expect special treatment because I have twins, but if you have one kid, why do you need to use a double cart? There are moms of multiples or moms with two or more young kids that need to be strapped in who actually need that double cart. Ok, rant over.

The kids came to the vet with Layla and I. They did incredibly well. They sat in their stroller and snacked while Layla got examined and got a steroid shot for the pain. We finished up the night relaxing at home and keeping an eye on Layla.

The next morning Layla was feeling better so we headed out the the farmers market with two of our favorite ladies. The kids hung out in their Becos while we perused the wares. They got to sample a gluten free cider donut which they were all about.

After the market we went out for Indian buffet which we all thoroughly enjoyed, except Brooke. She refused to eat anything. She wouldn't even eat any naan bread. Harrison on the other hand went to town on everything. At least one of them eats well.

It's was my weekend to take care of the dogs at the daycare, so H, B and I headed in after their almost non-existent naps. They helped organize dog food and pretended to sweep the floors. At least they try and help even if they are actually counter productive. Plus they're cute doing it.

Like every other child on the planet, they woke up early on Sunday, even with a later bedtime on Saturday. They then refused to eat the delicious breakfast I prepared, and the rest of the day was a hot mess. They both took terrible naps, they were whiny and fussy all day. We basically did anything and everything to try and keep them happy. I made homemade play dough, and they were more interested in the cookie cutters. We let them self feed themselves hummus, which they rubbed all over their faces. They got to have suckers while wearing part of their Halloween costumes. I let them tear apart the kitchen while I made dinner.

They almost made it to their new bedtime and thankfully went down without a fight, and slept through the night! We had a few friends over for wine, dinner, coffee, cookies and The Walking Dead. It was a perfect evening, and definitely needed after a long day.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and that all of the kiddos are getting adjusted to their new schedules. We finally had decent naps yesterday and they slept till their normal morning wake up time. I think we parents need to petition to abolish daylight savings time so we can preserve our kids sleep. It could happen, right? Or not.  Happy Hump Day!!

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