Wednesday, April 15, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 15

Things have been crazy and quiet around here all at the same time. After the rush of the last couple weeks to get everything done for the Easter Bone Hunt, and fit in every possible appointment you could imagine for me, the slow down this week has been great. Our days have involved lots of outdoor play time with a few monitoring appointments mixed in. I doubt they'll be too excited about it, but I'm looking forward to slowing it down even more after transfer next week. A day or two of bed rest sounds quite delightful. 


4.10.2015 - the look of excitement - iPhone

4.11.2015 - chiminea, chiminea part deux

4.12.2015 - the real look of excitement

4.13.2015 - my most willing subject

4.14.2015 - popsicle smile

4.15.2015 - LOVE

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