Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

Happy day after Easter! Also, happy birthday to my little brother! He hit the big dirty 30 today. Our weekend was packed full of fun. Friday morning the kids and I ran some errands before heading home for naps. Nothing to exciting, but in the evening they got to go to my parents house for a sleepover. They had been looking forward to it for a couple days, so they didn't even blink when I walked out the door for the night.

Robbie and I took full advantage of a kid free night and hit the movies. We went to see Furious 7, something I'd been looking forward to. Yes the Fast and Furious movies are ridiculous and over the top, but I love them. I liked this one better than the last one, but still not as much as Fast Five which is my favorite besides the original. The tribute to Paul Walker at the end of the movie was very nice, and I may have cried. Which I am going to blame on the IVF hormones. We picked up carry out sushi on our way home and called it a night.

Saturday morning I had a meeting for our upcoming Easter Bone Hunt. Once that was done, I picked up the kids, and we headed to the outdoor mall for their Easter Fest. The Easter bunny was there and they were doing face painting and balloon animals, but we went for the petting zoo. Harrison was obsessed with the baby chicks. He refused to leave them for the longest time, and insisted on going back after they got their faces painted.

Brooke was so tired after Easter Fest that she fell asleep in the Chick Fil A drive through, which is right next to the mall. Harrison was wide awake until about a minute before we got home. Instead of trying for naps in their beds, which I knew wouldn't happen after car naps, I drove around and looked at houses for 30 minutes until they woke up. That 30 minute naps managed to be enough to keep them going until their usual bedtime. They played outside in the dirt for a good 2 hours. Just the two of them, their shovels and buckets, and the dog. That gave me time to clean, so I didn't care how dirty they got. It's definitely time to get a sandbox.

On Easter morning they woke up to baskets the EB left for them. They got to check out their loot, and then it was time to head to church. The kids and I went to 9:30 mass while Rob pulled bunny duty and hid all the eggs outside. When we got back from church Rob was waiting, baskets in hand, and the egg hunting began immediately. Both sets of grandparents and my aunt came over to watch the kids hunt eggs and to join us for brunch. It was stupid windy, but thankfully none of the eggs blew away. The balls Robbie's parents brought were another story though.

We had quiches, french toast bake, raspberry souffle, fruit, and the cutest bunny pastries for brunch. Then the kids and the dogs ran around in the back yard and played until they were all worn out. We all took a nice nap, and then we headed over to my parents for dinner.

My dad cooked chicken on the grill, the perfect Easter dinner, IMO. Brooke and Harrison had so much fun hunting eggs in the morning that we filled all their eggs with stickers, and they hunted eggs 2 more times. Plus my mom put out a few eggs, so that brought their egg hunt count to 4 times total for the day. A few of the sweetest moments of the day came from watching them share eggs. My heart melts when they are so sweet to each other.

During their last hunt I got to close to a mama goose on her nest while I was taking pictures. before I knew it, mama was hissing at me and papa was hovering over my head flapping his wings. Brooke was not a fan of the commotion and started screaming and crying. Robbie wasn't amused wither, and he had a showdown with papa goose. The whole scene was rather ridiculous. 

The day was non stop, but so much fun. Each holiday with this kids is more fun that the last. I am already looking forward to Fourth of July this year. Yes, I'm thinking that far ahead. I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful holiday with your loved ones as well. The Lord is Risen!!

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