Wednesday, April 22, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 16

We have been laying pretty low the last couple days while I have been recovering from surgery. I felt well enough for us to venture out of the house today, so we headed to the library for a morning play date with the besties. Luck for us it decided to snow while we were out. Seriously, WTF?! At least Brooke and Harrison were excited about the it. 

There are quite a few random iPhone pictures in the mix this week. I had every intention of making sure I kept up with daily pictures on the Nikon. Life gets in the way though. I did manage to at least use my camera phone each day.

4.16.2015 - peek-a-boo

4.17.2015 - beach bum

4.18.2015 - swing queen

4.19.2015 - can I move in? - iPhone

4.20.2015 - mama and mini - iPhone

4.21.2015 - night cap - iPhone

4.22.2015 - eye spy

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