Monday, April 27, 2015

Embryo Transfer

Wednesday afternoon I got the call from our fertility clinic's Indy office that our transfer would be bright and early on Friday morning. I was planning a pre-transfer acupuncture session which meant we had to be there even earlier. We dropped off the kids at my parents Thursday night and headed home for an early bedtime. 

Friday morning we were on the road by 5:15am. A coffee and gas stop later along with a two hour drive, and I was in the door for my acupuncture appointment at 7:15. I was a little nervous about the transfer to come, but after acupuncture, I was only excited. I don't know if it was because I really needed it, or if the acupuncturist was that great, but it was the best acupuncture session I've ever had. I was rested, recentered, and ready to go. 

I was done just in time for us to head back to the ART suite and get changed into hospital gear. I took my Valium, drank some water, and we waited our turn. I don't know if it was the Valium kicking in, or just boredom, but I had a little too much fun with my cap. Robbie and I kept each other laughing to pass the time, and before we knew it they told us it was time to go back. 

They had us walk back to the transfer room. In the room with Robbie and I were Dr. Bopp, a nurse, the ultrasound tech, and an embryologist. They did a mock transfer first so they could see how the catheter would insert and where to place the embryos. Then the embryologist handed Dr. Bopp the catheter with the embryos inside. The catheter was fed into my uterus and then the embryos were released. They watch everything on the ultrasound monitor to make sure the embryos were placed into the ideal location. The embryologist checked to make sure both embryos made it out of the catheter, and then it was back to our suite room. I got the royal treatment and was wheeled back in a wheel chair.

I was able to use the restroom and get dressed right away. After stealing our doctor for a few quick pictures, they released us to go. They won't let you walk out, so into the wheel chair I went, and Robbie and I were gone within 30 minutes after the transfer was done.

We loved The Cake Bake Shop so much that we deemed a return trip necessary. Robbie talked it up at work so much that he took back lots of cookies to hand out. I chose carrot cake, a few macaroons, and a magic bar. They're sadly all gone, and there are no trips to Indy in our near future. :(

I slept for about half of the ride home, and before I knew it were were getting off the interstate. The dogs were crazy when we got home. They acted like we'd been gone for days, not just a few hours. Robbie had to head into work, so the dogs and I set up camp on the couch and watched Mad Men all day, and all day Saturday. We picked up a lot of soup from The OG on Thursday night, so I ate soup for two days straight while lounging around. It was surprisingly quiet and boring around the house without Harrison and Brooke. I was glad when they got home Saturday night.

Yesterday we got out to run a few errands, and I made dinner, but overall I'm still taking it pretty easy. I have an acupuncture appointment this morning, but nothing else planned for the day. maybe a short walk with the kids this afternoon. They've been really good about respecting my limitations. They still ask to be picked up and for me to run around with them, but when I remind them I can't they seem to understand.

So while we aren't technically pregnant, we're pregnant until proven otherwise. I'll live in my happy little pregnancy bubble for the time being, and hopefully it won't burst. A successful transfer isn't a 100% guarantee, but we have about a 70% chance of this cycle working, so the odds are in our favor. I go in sometime over the next couple weeks to get a pregnancy test drawn at my RE's office. We won't be sharing any news, good or bad, until we get a confirmation from the doctor and we share with our families first. As always, I am open to answering and questions, and you can follow along with daily updates on Instagram (@jennpargeon)

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you for your kind words, well wishes, positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers. They really do mean the world to us. We love and appreciate ever single one.

Our Little Miracles

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